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Indian cuckold Couple Sex fantasy & Complete Your desire

Indian cuckold Couple Sex fantasy & Complete Your desire

that one day I saw a young Husband from the neighborhood masquerading as my sexy wife. so what did I do? my name is Ranjan I am 36 years old and The indian cuckold couple my wife is 35 years old. This Husband’s Wife Indian cuckold is of me and my sexy wife. For the last few days, our life was going very normal, especially mine.

Due to being busy with office work, it was not possible to give more time to the Indian wife cuckold and due to this, the complaints of the wife also kept ongoing.
Sex life was not as it was … and wife used to be angry with him too, just she did not speak.

If I say about Wife, then anyone gets attracted towards her. Indian cuckold couple Such was his body. Her complexion was fair, Here Also Available Bangalore Escorts which is typical of every Indian woHusband (not even very fair), her breasts were very full and attractive and her ass was also big and full.

Whenever she moved, desi cuckold she used to move her ass in such a way that anyone’s cock would stand up. His living style was very modern. She mostly wears sleeveless tops, Kurtis and T-shirts, and jeans. Wearing a sleeveless tank top and tight jeans, when we used to go out, people’s eyes were fixed on her, she looked so sexy.

Indian cuckold couples

The Begining Indian cuckold wife & Experience

Seeing him in these clothes, Indian cuckold wife my weapon would also stand up and after some time also used to fall. It’s a day later… when she was at home wearing a sleeveless top and tight shorts. Her ass looks sexier in these clothes and her bare thighs too. I felt that I was losing interest in my sex life and I was not able to give happiness to my Wife.

Then I saw that Wife went to the balcony to dry clothes in the same clothes and a Husband was staring at her from the flat in front.
The age of that Husband will also be around 35-36. Indian cuckold was wearing only andies and he was standing on his balcony showing his body to my wife.
He was dark and handsome.  Looking at Indian wife cuckold, he took his hands to his cock.

Later, Wife’s eyes also fell on her and she gave Wife a smile. As soon as he gave a smile to Wife, the Wife looked at me to see if I saw anything. I too hastily pretended as if I didn’t know anything. Then after coming inside his Wife’s house, he was standing on the balcony for some time. Seeing this whole scene, I liked it instead of getting angry and I got a little excited. 

desi cuckold The second day again Wife went to dry clothes in sexy clothes on the balcony. He was standing there and I was watching him hiding.
I saw that his wife was also looking at him. When the Wife came in, I said – don’t feel so sexy that the people of the society get in trouble. In response, she only gave an intoxicating smile and went to the kitchen whispering her ass.

The fantasy of  Indian cuckold couples Here

The second day was a holiday… So Wife said – tomorrow we both will go for a morning walk. I said yes too. The wife wore Couple Swapping a tight sleeveless tank top and tight lingerie and left her hair open. She looked very sexy with the nose ring she wore on her nose and the lipstick she applied on her lips. Because of the tight lingerie, her ass was looking very sexy and was shaking. When we started walking in the park, I saw that the Husband on the balcony was exercising there and he had also seen us.

After that, I came to us and said hello to us. Then he started saying that he has just come to live in the society and is setting up his gym in the business city.
I said hmm Then Real Indian cuckold said that his family does not want to shift here right now. I don’t know much about the city. I said – if you need anything, then you can contact me. If I need some help, I will be glad.

While talking to him, I saw that the Indian wife cuckold was also looking very happy and excited. Then when I introduced him to Wife, he handshake with Wife and said hello.
He was looking at her very madly. He said- Why don’t we have coffee together in the society canteen?
Before I could say anything, my wife said yes and said – I too feel the need for coffee right now. Both of them started smiling and we started moving towards the canteen.
He said to his wife – please don’t come forward.

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As soon as Wife came forward and started walking, he started staring at Wife’s curvy and sexy ass. Later he realized that I was together, so both of us started walking while talking about normal things.

We had a normal conversation in the canteen. hen looking at his Wife, he said – you have come on a walk on the day of the holiday, meaning you are quite health-conscious. Wife just gave a sexy smile and looking at her said – you also seem to be health-conscious. Then the Wife was sweating a bit due to the walk and she was looking very sexy this time in a sleeveless top.

He said – I am in the business of gym and if you need some help from me… then you must tell. cuckold couples in India  My wife said- Yes, I would love it if you share some health tips with me. Because of this, he asked his wife for her number. Since we are from a family with modern thoughts, it is common to share numbers. But the way Wife and he (Husband) were excited… I also got a little excited seeing that.

Then all three of us came home together and Indian wife cuckold took a be at me and said – Husband is quite dark and handsome… no! I also said – he was very impressed with your sexy figure, the way he was staring at you. On this Wife just gave a smile. After coming home, Husband was standing on the balcony only in his underwear and was looking towards our house.
Then Wife’s eyes are there too.

And I ignored that thing. Then Wife and Husband exchanged smiles. After that I told the Wife – Husband’s body is good… it does not mean that he should roam naked.
Then Wife said – her house, her wish … and she was not bare at all … she was wearing eggs. Moving my hand over my Wife’s butts, I said – Wife, Husband is being favored a lot.
On this Best indian cuckold said – you say anything. I said nothing.

Moans and Love

He said – one day we should call them for coffee, should we at home… so that I can also get health tips from them. I also immediately said yes and put my hand in my Wife’s pants. After moving her hand on her Wife’s ass, she went to caress her Wife’s pussy, then her pussy was already getting wet. I understood that the Wife had turned on seeing her Husband. Then I took off my Wife’s clothes and said – let’s talk something frankly. She said hotly – what are the things?

I started talking to my indian cuckold couple while pointing fingers at my Wife’s pussy – desi cuckold was looking at you and even when you live in sexy clothes on the balcony… still he keeps caressing his cock while looking at you. Wife asked- Yes, why do they do this! I said – seeing you, he puts his hand in his underwear and shakes his cock. Hearing this, the Wife’s pussy became wetter and she closed her eyes.

When my wants Real Cuckold Experience

I said – maybe his cock is bigger than me… his wife must have enjoyed it a lot. As soon as I said so, the Wife took my standing cock in her hand and started moaning.

Now it was even more clear that the Wife had become chubby about her Husband and was enjoying remembering him. After some time we both had sex, but the Wife was not satisfied. I said while caressing his pussy = call Husband for coffee in a day or two? To this, he immediately said yes. The very next moment I had finalized my Husband’s cock for my wife’s cuckold. The other day I set up two wireless spy cameras that would connect to WiFi in my room so that I could see their fucking in bed.
Two similar cameras were installed outside in the drawing-room.

Desires Continue

I have now told the Wife to invite her Husband. My wife became happy and invited my husband to come home in front of me. The husband was to come at six in the evening.
I had already told one of my staff that the Indian cuckold should call me at exactly 6.30 pm and call me for some urgent work. Everything was happening according to me. All the four cameras of the house started showing on my mobile. My husband came to my house at six in the evening. I welcomed him and my Indian cuckold wife also went to the kitchen to make coffee for him.

Coffee arrived in no time and all three of us started enjoying the coffee. At exactly 6.30 pm, I got a call on my phone and I went away apologizing to my Husband. My wife did not react to anything when I left in this way. I came out and took my car and put it in a secluded place and started looking at the cameras on my mobile.

My wife cuckold was in the drawing-room with her Husband. She was lying on the floor with her legs on her knees and her husband was telling her about an exercise. After some time Husband came to her knees and he started teaching her by holding the Wife’s legs.

The moment of Pleasure

At this time it was seen in the mobile as if a dog had climbed on the bitch. Husband’s cock started touching Wife’s pussy and Wife was looking at him with great lust. Five minutes later Wife got up and picked up the phone. I understood what was going to happen now. After a moment Desi Indian wife cuckold call came on my mobile and she asked – where are you left?
I told him – I have got urgent work and I can come by eleven o’clock. Husband is gone… or is it?

She said – it is now… but they are asking to go. Saying sorry, I asked my indian cuckold wife to meet my Husband some other day.
She didn’t say anything. I hung up the phone and looked at the camera again. She smiled seeing Husband and took him by the hand and started taking him to the room. Husband also lifted her in his lap instead of holding her hand and both of them started kissing.

Just now the game had started. I opened the zip of my pants and took out the cock and started caressing it. Faced with a whiskey bottle kept in the car and took two sips neatly, then to fix the taste, I lit a cigarette and started watching my wife’s Cuckold Sex in India. Soon both of them became bare and the wife started sucking her Husband’s cock sitting on her knees. After sucking cock for two minutes, Indian cuckold couple Husband took Wife on the bed in 69 and started sucking the cock.

When a wife wants real men

It was clearly visible from desi cuckold gesture of the wife that she was very happy with her Husband’s fat cock. indian cuckold soon straightened up and spread his legs like a marketer’s scoundrel and his Husband gave a cock in his smooth pussy. The banging started. For ten minutes, Husband rubbed Wife in a missionary pose, then made her a bitch and started banging her from behind.

After half an hour, both of them absconded from sex and the Husband put on clothes. Then I called my Wife – I will not be able to come home tonight. I will be able to come home tomorrow morning. Their Indian cuckold wife hung up the phone saying ok.
He did not ask even once what was the reason. After placing the phone, I looked again in the camera, then he had taken off his Husband’s clothes and both of them were again on the bed. Now I understood the schedule of both of them to have sex all night. So, friends, this was the lust of my sexy wife, which was starting to calm down by licking my new neighbor’s cock.

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